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Miss Aniela’s photographs are both real and imagined

British photographer who creates elaborate scenes that blur the boundaries between fine art and fashion. Her series ‘Surreal Fashion’ depicts contemporary models with a classical reference, inspired by Renaissance painting and Dutch masters, shot on location in stately homes across England, Europe and the US. She explores juxtapositions in her works, between nature and manmade, the female form and architecture, and painterly motifs and digital photography.

Miss Aniela was previously named a Saatchi Art One to Watch artist in 2013. She has been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery during Saatchi Art’s ‘Continental Shift’ exhibition in 2014, the Waldermarsudde Museum in Stockholm, and the Houses of Parliament in London. Miss Aniela’s clients include Nikon, HTC, Yakult, University of Sussex, WedLuxe Mag Canada, and Microsoft. She has also been featured in publications including BBC, El Pais, Plastik Magazine, and NY Arts. She works together with her partner and producer Matt Lennard, and they live in Sussex, UK.

What are the major themes you pursue in your work?

I have long been drawn to surrealism, the female form, and the juxtaposition of nature and manmade. I have always been more interested in real locations than studio settings. In recent years I became particularly intrigued by the depth of detail history in palatial houses, and mixing this with beautiful fashion models to create a banquet of desirable motifs all within one frame. I love to bring together classical and contemporary, and in some of my images I actually pull pieces of classical paintings into my composites to breathe new life into old brushstrokes, in a satirical but meaningful resurrection of art history. My borrowing from 17th and 18th century art makes an explosive extreme in my large-scale piece ‘Bloom Face.’


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